Ace Weld ArgonCO2 Mix Regulator with Flowmeter (Piston)

  1. ACE WELD Argon Mix Regulator with Flowmeter  (Piston Type)
  • Up to 60 SCFH flow range
  •  Regulators specially designed for TIG and MIG
  •  Piston type regulator with solid brass design and construction features make this regulator suitable for industrial use.
  • Single stage piston type regulator
  • For Argon and Argon mix gas
  • Max inlet pressure 3,500 psi
Products Safety Features
 ACE WELD regulators build-in with Safety Relief Valve.
  1. Safety relief valve or pressure relief valve (PRV) is a type of safety valve used to control or limit the pressure in a regulator. It keeps the regulator from building pressure during a failure of the seat valve. The Safety Relief Valve is to avoid gas regulator (blow out / explosion) due to building up pressure in the regulator.  

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